Lara Nikita Anderson (born February 27, 2004) is an Australian singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Melbourne, she began posting music on the internet at the age of 14.

​Anderson rose to prominence following the viral success of her debut single, a cover of The Foundations’ “Build Me Up Buttercup” in 2018. The cover reached Top 50 in the Philippines in the first few months of its release. Anderson is currently also the lead singer and keyboardist of the band Young Love. From a school project to a group of best friends pursuing their dreams of becoming rock stars, Young Love make upbeat indie-rock style music about adolescent friendships and heartbreak.

Early Life

Anderson began piano lessons in primary school and continued to teach herself - experimenting with chord progressions and song writing. Anderson wrote her first original song, “Glitter” at the age of twelve, and followed it up with “I’ve Been Lying” at thirteen. She released the latter on Spotify and Apple Music under the name “Kita.” but took it down after a few months as she wanted to take her musical style in a different direction.​

Lara’s acoustic rendition of The Foundations’ 1968 song “Build Me Up Buttercup” that she recorded and released October 2018, went viral on Spotify, first in The Philippines, and then later in the US, UK & Australia. It was also featured in Spotify’s own Indie Covers playlist and now has over 15 million streams. Lara has over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. On Apple Music her songs have accrued 2 million streams (all figures current as at the end of 2021). Lara is a friendly and extroverted person but has kept a low profile even as her success grows. She is motivated by all the praise and support from her fans.​

At age 15, faced with the pressure of being in an exclusively academic high school, Anderson decided it would be best to change schools. She knew in her heart that to reach her creative and musical goals, she needed to surround herself with brilliant teachers and like-minded students.​

In her last three years at her new school, Anderson was granted 9 captaincy positions, led a choral performance - featuring her original music, and performed in over 10 theatrical productions, including lead acting and directional roles. Anderson is currently studying Music Songwriting at JMC Academy, Melbourne. She is constantly working to develop her songwriting talents and spends the majority of her free time on her music. Anderson has taken singing lessons both inside and outside of studies, and is currently under the guidance of professional vocal coach Melissa Langton.

Songwriting Process

Anderson began writing music by gaining inspiration from online videos and the songs she loved. She took copious notes on her favourite melodies and lyrics in the songs she admired. Anderson’s creative process now begins with using Voice Memos to save her initial song ideas then brings it all together in Logic Pro. Anderson’s musical style and song writing is influenced and inspired by current progressive musicians like Phoebe Bridgers, Gracie Abrams & Lizzy McAlpine, and previous inspirations like Taylor Swift & Olivia Rodrigo.

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